Power of Giving & Humanity

Million Thanks to All Donors for Making it a Global Cause

You saved voiceless wildlife, you helped strangers and you did the great things for people whose names you did not know. Grateful to all who stood with the voiceless animals: donors from around the globe, companies and other assisting organizations who shared their expertise, the firefighters with extensive services and our 12,000+ volunteers and staff who strive, day by day, to rebuild what was lost in wildfires.

Sign of Hope for Nature

Recent citations of forest recovery a great sign of hope

It’s a great reprieve for all the firefighters, volunteers and we Australians seeing the recovery of forest as greenery is visible on burnt trees and plants are growing back. Nature is restoring the habitats of billions of wildlife who were deprived of their home in the wildfire. Still a lot more effort is needed to boost the recovery of forest and the reason we have focused on largest forestation drive to plant trees specific to koalas food and rest wildlife to restore the natural balance.

Efforts We Are Making to Save Life

Right now, our staff, qualified experts and volunteers are working around the clock to ensure that as many native animals as possible receive the ongoing care, supplementary food and recovery they need.
Koalas, Kangaroos & Reptiles

have been recovered and released in the wild. Proceeding slowly to the road of recovery as in the wildfires close to 3 billion wildlife have been killed or have lost their natural habitats, making it a global crisis of flora and fauna endangering many species from earth.

We have addressed the immediate need to locate, rescue and care for injured animals and while this will be a long process in itself. With the imminent risk to threatened species on the pathway to extinction as a result of the mass elimination of habitat, urgent action is needed. AWF will soon be announcing some new initiatives that have been made possible through your generous donations.

Help to strengthen the ongoing largest forestation and plantation efforts, save wildlife, rescue animals & released, restore the lost forests & natural habitats of wildlife.

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Our Mission

Implement long-term solutions to restore and repopulate unique ecosystems destroyed by the wildfires, increasing climate resilience and reducing the threat of future wildfires.
Released animals in the wild have limited resources. The loss of habitat will threat depletion of their populations in the wild, what already hard hit due the past wildfires. This is where immediate forestation action is needed we need to act now with the largest tree plantation drive in wild.

There is an immediate need of forestation post the wildfire.


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