Ground Report

Ground Reports

We Australians have shown our quiet strength and tenacity against the worst bushfire season in the history of Australia, and now this global pandemic.
Grateful to all who stood with the voiceless animals: donors from around the globe, companies and other assisting organizations who shared their expertise, the firefighters with extensive services and our 12,000+ volunteers and staff who strive, day by day, to rebuild what was lost in wildfires.

We are extremely grateful for the massive mobilization of Australia Wildfire Fund’s community of vetted nonprofit partners, and the crucial support of our donors and corporate partners.

  • Foodbank Australia is providing emergency food and groceries relief to individuals and families in crisis across all impacted states.
  • Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland is awarding grants directly to local fire brigade members in Queensland that have themselves been impacted by the deadly fires.
  • NSW Wildlife Information Rescue & Education Service (WIRES) is expanding  wildlife rescue and rehabilitation services across the organization’s 28 branches in New South Wales.
  • Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors is sending medical supplies to wildlife rescuers and carers in fire-affected areas, transporting (where permitted) animals to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital for critical care, and constructing a climate-controlled intensive care ward for an ever-growing number of koala patients.
  • Sydney Wildlife is providing ongoing wildlife rescue and rehabilitation at the organization’s Rehabilitation Facility and supporting the organization’s Mobile Care Unit for wildlife.
  • Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife is growing its Wildlife Heroes Bushfire Emergency program that provides frontline wildlife rescuers and carers with first aid supplies, medicine, animal food, and psychosocial care due to working in traumatizing situations.

We believe organizations that are deeply rooted in local communities are often in the best position to provide immediate relief and long-term support for disaster victims. We will be sharing further updates in the weeks and months to come about the progress our nonprofit partners are making toward recovery across Australia.

Our Steps Towards Wildfire Emergency Crisis:

  • Purchasing and regenerating crucial habitat for species affected by wildfires and now flash floods.
  • Sending medical supplies to wildlife rescuers and carers on the frontline of the fire-affected areas.
  • Purchasing commercial food preparation equipment for wildlife care groups to cater for a huge number of patients.
  • Purchasing animals carer packs to be sent home with wildlife carers. These include bottles, milk formula and animal baskets/wraps.
  • Allocating doctors and volunteer with purchased medical supplies for injured animals.
  • Patrolling remote areas and burnt forest to sport and rescue injured animals
  • Reach to the spot provided on support numbers by general public to rescue injured animals
  • Installation of water tanks in remote areas to maintain the water supply to animals in wild
  • Proposed plantation of trees in remote areas for koalas and wildlife habitat restoration

Complete Ground Reports will be posted here once they are completed, generally every 3-4 months. If you donate to this project or have donated to this project, you will get an e-mail when this project posts a report. You can also subscribe for reports via e-mail without donating.

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